Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Eagles Wings~~~

What a sight to eagle soaring, high in the sky. Such a magestic animal to behold...and I was one of the lucky ones to see such a site today!! Just 6 miles from my home, on the freeway...I spotted a huge bird flying low above the expressway, black wings stretched out...but wait! This bird had a white tail...and a white head. No way?? YES eagle! I have never seen an eagle in the wild, flying. And we drove directly underneath it's path of flight. I will forever remember the thrill of seeing this beautiful bird...and I eagerly look forward to seeing more of these birds who have returned to Ohio. This photo is not the same bird...but this is just like what I saw today. If you live in Ohio, pay attention to the skies!

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Ellen said...

Wow Christy, eagles in Ohio. I will have to watch for them.