Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The birds...

I told a friend the other day that I've decided to feed the birds thru the summer, something I haven't done before. I usually just feed thru the winter and stop once things are blooming. But, before I had a chance to stop this year, I noticed some very pretty birds had shown up from the south. It was breathtaking...and I wanted to see more. Sure enough, there are many different varieties out there now. And different bird calls I've never heard before. This morning I woke up to a bird that sounded just like a chimpanzee...seriously. Maybe he lived close to a zoo? In spite of all these unique birds laying claim in my front yard...the one bird I have NEVER seen in my 45...oops, 44 years of existence is an owl. Mind you, I've heard them but never seen them in the wild. I've seen Turkeys, Buzzards, Pheasants, Hawks, American Bald Eagles, Grouse...but never an owl. This next video is truly fascinating...the owlet.


Lisa said...

You are feeding the birds so YOU can see them? ... I just thought this entertainment for your kitties ... or to cut down on the amount of food you have to give the kitties! :-)

Christy B said...

Oh no....our kitties aren't allowed to eat the birds! (-; Only mice...which they do so-so.

But, it is fun watching the cats "trying" to make a catch. Fortunately, the feeder is up high enough that those smart birdies have plenty of time to fly away.