Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cousin Joe...our last memory together.

Just a little tribute to a very special person...Matthew's cousin Joe. These photo's are from a trip we made to California in 2006. Of course, we always got to see cousin Joe on these trips.
Joe left this earth on February 15th of this year. I've been sitting here thinking about Joe and how unfair it is to everyone that he's gone: his wife, his 2 young daughters...he loved his family and he's simply too young to be gone. It's not right...why Joe, when there are so many other people who don't love their families and don't make good choices and are basically loosers in life? Why not them instead?
Oh ya, I forgot something though...God doesn't sit on His throne, picking and choosing people at will. (Even though we'd like to think that) We all have an appointed time. We all get the chance to live a purpose filled life no matter how long or how short. Joe's life had purpose and he lived it to the fullest.
In my humble opinion, you don't find people like Joe very often. When you do...make it a point to let them know how special they are. I wish he knew how much we loved him and how much he's missed. Life will never be the same without Joe.

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