Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly wabbit!!

Can you stand it? Another gorgeous day...I'm hoping March doesn't leave like a lion.

A few years ago we let our daughter purchase a cute, black angora bunny. She named her Regina. Regina lived in a cage in the garage...don't all bunnies live in cages? Well, the following year we acquired 2 more cute bunnies; Wanda and Ginger.

They came with a cage too. (-: Well, we decided to join the 2 cages so they could all be "caged" together. 3 happily caged bunnies. Hubby gets to thinking one day...wonder if those bunnies could be put to work...3 little personal lawn mowers. Off to Lowe's he goes...purchasing fencing so he can put his idea to the test. Well, we've never seen these bunnies so incredibly happy. They were running and jumping and having a good time. Soon, they ran out of nice, green grass. Off to Lowe's for more fencing. It wasn't long before most of our back yard turned into bunny pasture.Good bye cages - hello freedom.

Aside from all the running, hopping, and playing around...these bunnies like to dig burrows. I had no idea they could do such a thing. But it's true...these bunnies are pretty smart. Here's a video showing you this awesome technique. Not our bunnies...but another very - happy -bunny.


Ellen said...

WOW, do your bunnies did out of their fence?

Lisa said...

Maybe you should hire this guy's bunny to dig your new water well!

Christy B said...

The bunnies have never dug out of their fence...but they do escape occasionally but sliding under it. And when we chase them down, they head straight for the fence area. Bad bunnies!

As for the well...good thought!